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SymptoPro Course with Kindara Bundle

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Normal Price $220, Bundle Price $154
This full course of instruction includes:

  • An exclusive Kindara bundle with 6 months of personal guidance as you learn to chart with SymptoPro and apply what you learn to your personal family planning and hormonal health goals. 
  • An experienced personal instructor who will guide you through three comprehensive learning sessions and all related assignments. This course takes between 4-12 weeks to complete if you choose to chart in-between each session as recommended. We encourage you to take the course as a couple if applicable.

Required Course Materials: In addition to purchasing this course there are two items that you will need if you don't already own them. You will receive purchase links and information on options in your registration emails as well as on your course homepage. These items include:

  • The SymptoPro Course Textbook: "A Couple's Guide to Fertility"
  • A Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Thermometer: Finding your waking temperature is a primary fertility sign we will track with the SymptoPro method to learn about and visualize your cycle. As long as it's a digital, oral thermometer (not temporal) - you can likely use it with this method. The best results will come from thermometers labeled as "BBT".

You can find the links to several thermometer options on the homepage of your course. 

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